The LABBS virtual ‘Looking After Your Voice in Lockdown’ session by Monica

At the end of June I attended the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers (LABBS) virtual online session Looking After your Voice in Lockdown. It was one of many sessions LABBS have been putting on to support its ladies barbershop choruses.

The session was very enjoyable, and we learnt some new exercises, including exercises for warming up our voices!

One of the exercises we did was ‘straw phonation’. This is when you put a straw in your mouth and make sound through the straw. The exercise we did some involved bubbling (imagine blowing a raspberry) through the straw into a glass of water. It helps to relax your vocal folds.

Another of the exercises was all about finding your pitch range by going up in semitones, which we all did, both using bubbling and humming.

Seeing others members from different choruses doing the exercises was most enjoyable. And I’m looking forward to trying the straw phonation!

Mon x