How Mersey Harmony is shaking up their fundraising efforts by Heather

How do you move a successful weekly face to face fundraiser online in 12 easy steps?

  1. Be willing to think creatively ‘outside the box’.

  1. Encourage the fundraiser and treasurer to hold a conversation.

  1. Work out a monthly payment system, to exclude as few members as possible.

  1. Set the prize amount (e.g. 50% of takings) and add in an incentive to buy 5 tickets and get 6 goes!

  1. Send details of the concept and ‘how to be in it’ to all members for information and feedback.

  1. ‘Launch’ the new fundraiser with a fanfare at the beginning of the month!

  1. Give the draw a plug at each week’s Zoom rehearsal and in the rehearsal notes, including what amount the prize money has reached: ‘You have to be in it to win it’!!

  1. After agreed deadline, treasurer and fundraiser liaise with names of those who have paid to join in the draw.

  1. Write names of participants times how many goes they have paid for and put them into the hat.

  1. Make the draw during the following ‘Zoom’ rehearsal. Celebrate with the winner! Take photos!

  1. Write a blog; post on website, Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Thank all those who have helped raise funds for the chorus and start the draw for the following month!!

Our first virtual raffle took place on 1 September, and our lucky winner of £40 was Lil Griffiths. And we raised £40 for chorus funds!!

I wonder how much we will raise next month?!

Heather x