An update on our latest virtual rehearsal by Thel

Mersey Harmony have been holding virtual rehearsals via Zoom for many weeks now, thanks to the current situation. Our weekly Zoom rehearsal on Monday night attracted several old friends – ex-members, interested in our carryings on.

After the usual greetings and some chat we did a warm-up with Marianne which included a tongue-twister “A proper cup of coffee from a proper copper coffee pot.”  Try it!

Marianne has recently agreed to become our Assistant MD, and we couldn’t be more delighted!

Then Luke, our MD, appeared. We hardly recognised him at first as he had cut his own hair, with a lawnmower, it looked like. 🙂 Then we did some music theory and a little singing. Singing is more difficult at virtual rehearsals as we can’t hear each other, but at least bum notes don’t matter!

Next we saw a video of the champion Westminster Chorus which like most things from the USA was male, large and quite fantastic.

At the end of rehearsal, we had a short chit-chat. It was so lovely to speak to some of our old friends.

I offered Luke my pink punk mop head wig. He hasn’t responded yet… 😉

Thel x