Three things about rehearsals that have changed since lockdown by Charlie

We’ve all been dealing with lots of change in the past months since Coronavirus stopped us being able to do what we normally do how we normally do it. For singers like us, not being able to get together every Monday for our barbershop fix has been difficult. But our saving grace has been using Zoom to hold rehearsals virtually. And oh what we’ve learnt in that time… Here are three things about rehearsals that have changed since lockdown.

1. We can’t hear each other sing.

Everyone who knows the beauty of singing together in a choir knows how wonderful it feels to sing in harmony. This is especially true in barbershop choruses, where the chords really ‘lock and ring’ to give the most beautiful sound. Sadly, it’s just not possible to achieve this in online rehearsals due to the technology, and so most of our singing involves our microphones being muted.


2. We’re getting better at music theory.

We now spend a small amount of time each session being taught some music theory by our MD, Luke. Some of us read music and some just learn by sound – and either is okay – but it’s always helpful to brush up on your skills.


3. We’re spending more time listening to other choruses.

Another part of our online rehearsal involves us watching a ‘chorus of the week’ on Youtube together. We talk about performance, style, music, and what makes songs true barbershop. It’s always fascinating, and very inspiring!

So there you have it. Some of the changes are difficult, but we’ve also managed to see some good from this rubbish situation, and embrace some of the positive opportunities it has brought us.

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Charlie x