‘Happy Birthday Irene’ by Heather


1 ‘big’ birthday

1 vision

25-30 women (+ 1 man, optional)

1 assistant musical director

1 piece of sheet music

5 teach tracks

A very large pinch of singing ability

Some technical know-how

Lots of courage

Countless hours

Unlimited smiles

Boundless love


Realise the ‘big’ birthday is less than a week away!

Take the vision and share it with the 25-30 women and 1 man.

When they’ve ‘caught it’, send out the music and teach tracks to each singer.

Mix with the singing ability technical advice; add in the courage.

Collect individual singing tapes from each singer.

‘Mix’ long and hard – over two days!

‘Meet’ with everyone and record smiles to add to the mix.

Send out the resulting video to all participants and collect feedback.

Share the video with the one whose ‘big’ birthday it is.

Bask in the knowledge that Mersey Harmony’s love is very present and very much appreciated!

Thank you, Marianne, for inspiring us to meet this challenge, make someone’s big day even more special and learn a new skill!

Heather x

p.s. You can have a listen to us singing happy birthday remotely here.