Our latest online rehearsal by Thel

This time we had to make sure the light was on our faces and not behind us.

I grabbed a pile of books to prop up my phone so I was looking up.  I had a bible, a book about the Reformation, two dictionaries, a Guinness Book of Records from 2008 and the life story of Bob Paisley, the great Liverpool Football Club manager. At one time our neighbour.

After Colette’s warm-up exercises, Luke, our director, taught us some music theory and we practised volume and pitch singing on the ‘Na na na na-na-na naa’ from Hey Jude. Next for our online rehearsal, we all had to sing a tag which Luke had recorded himself singing in four parts – tenor, lead, baritone, bass. We had to sing it in bari – which is considered the hardest part. Good practise though, makes you listen and sing so carefully.

We thrilled to the male quartet, Instant Classic, as they sang Spend My Life With You, which our member Jayne’s husband Paul sang to her when he proposed. For my husband and I, our song was Stranger’s in the Night, which Alan whistled all the way to Italy on our first holiday together. Must have been annoying to the other passengers when you think about it!

Thel x